An interview by Gunnar Erth to AEGEE SIENA

From article “The Comeback of Summer 2015 (II): Castelló, Darmstadt, Thessaloníki, Dnipropetrovsk, Siena and Tallinn”

AEGEE-Siena: Get to know the beauty of Tuscany

Palio Siena

GT: What’s the title of your SU?
Andrea Cianti, President of AEGEE-Siena: The title of our SU is “PostCards from Italy: from nature to culture”. Our antenna partner for this SU is AEGEE-Genova and we chose this name according to the evidence that both in Tuscany and in Genova there are amazing views and landscapes and an attractive history that many modern European cities don’t have. The participants will see amazing places which are destinations of tourists from all around the world.
GT: What’s the date of your SU?
Andrea: The SU will begin on Monday, 27th of July in Siena. Then, on Monday, 3rd of August, the participants will move to Cinque Terre, then go to Genova until Monday the 10th of August when the SU will be over.
GT: Why are you organising it with AEGEE-Genova?
Andrea: Our active members have always been in good relations with their active members and the organization of the SU so far is strengthening this good relationship.
GT: Why should AEGEE members specifically apply for your event?
Andrea: I think there is no need to mention how beautiful Tuscany is. Talking about Siena, it’s a city that is surrounded by a mystical medieval atmosphere, has an extremely interesting history, has the unique Palio, a horse race that has taken part for centuries, and many attractions related to Italian’s culture. But not only that! We will also bring participants to San Gimignano and Val d’Orcia, which are Unesco world heritage, just like Siena’s centrum.
GT: Which other cities or other interesting places will you visit?
Andrea: Next to San Gimignano and Val d’Orcia we will also see Montalcino and Chianti. Plus, there will be Genova’s part, which has a lot to show too.
GT: What will be the social programme highlights?
Andrea: The social programme highlights will be visiting Siena’s centrum, a contrada’s museum, have dinner in a contrada, possibly the one who won last Palio. A contrada is a district of the centre of Siena. After dinner we plan to have parties at clubs in Siena and we’ll bring participants to contrada parties as well, which is something which was an amazing success in the last SU in Siena.
GT: In which year was the last SU that you organised?
Andrea: Siena’s last SU was organized with AEGEE-Firenze in 2013 and it came third in the participants’ evaluations ranking.
GT: Why didn’t you organise an SU last year?
Andrea: Last summer we didn’t organize an SU, because we had a completely new board and we thought that it was better not to try to do something so important and challenging like a SU. Now that the young board grew, we are ready!
GT: What motivated you to organise an SU this year?
Andrea: After coming back from participating in the SU in Bratislava, I wanted to organize an SU in Siena. The other members agreed and after several discussions we had everything done in order to organize an amazing SU!
GT: How can interested people find out more?
Andrea: In addition of the official SU page (, there is the event of Facebook:


Author: Gunnar Erth

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