Catania’s Network meeting 2015: an amazing experience!

AEGEE Siena participated this year in its first Network Meeting which was held in Catania.


AEGEE Catania hosted 57 participant for four days, with lovely care of each of them.This city goes above your expectations: it is clean, rich, nice, full of kind and helpful people..and of simply gorgeous food! AEGEE Catania offered us a nice experience organizing this NWM which was the perfect balance between interesting, full-of-learning opportunities and fun. Aleksandra Kluczka, to be new AEGEE Europe President, was there, and gave us the chance to know her and face her way to communicate to Rainbow. Running for Secretary General of AEGEE Europe Andrea Ugrinoska also was there with us and set up a workshop to simulate an Agora.


More than fifty people attended to this meeting and cooperated in working on new ideas and improvement for our association..but also making arancini!


AEGEE Catania is to be thanked for all it offered us, and each of the organizers were simply AMAZING experience worth living.



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